Sensory Psychology was founded by Nicole Sturla, a registered psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience working with people who have experience of trauma.

Nicole has worked in the fields of substance misuse, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Children in Out of Home Care and for the last 10 years has been a Senior Psychologist in the Child and Family Team at the READ Clinic

Nicole is trained in the use of CBT, Family Systems Therapy, EMDR, EMDR 2.0, Neurofeedback, Circle of Security Parenting Intervention and is a licensed provider of the Safe and Sound Protocol and the Focus System for Nervous System Regulation. Nicole also has extensive knowledge in DBT principles, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy and Crisis Management.

Nicole will be a panel presenter at the upcoming conference “At the Frontier of Effective Trauma & PTSD Treatment”.

Nicole founded Sensory Psychology to offer primarily ‘bottom-up’ interventions that support regulation of the nervous system from a Polyvagal Perspective.

“Our mission at Sensory Psychology is to provide cost effective and easily accessible interventions that focus on regulating our nervous system”
Nicole Sturla
Founder, Sensory Psychology

BSc.(Psychology), MSc.Psychology, BA(Hons).Social Work (Residential Childcare), Assoc.MAPS, EMDRAA